We process all of our fish fresh in our state-of-the-art, HACCP-certified facility. We specialize in high quality, all natural, sustainable fish. We track everything we sell — from the sea to the shelf.

If it’s available, we can get it. Custom production and packaging is available for all selections. We have a complete processing plant on-site, including butchering, packing, frozen storage, commercial cooking facilities and more. Our Seafood Products »

Our Fresh Seafood Products

Fresh Alaskan Seafood

Alaskan & Pacific Northwest

Alaska IS fish country. It offers some of the finest, most abundant seafood products in the world.
Fresh Hawaiian Seafood

Hawaiian & Pacific Islands

Long revered for its exceptional seafood harvest and robust auctions aimed at the sashimi market.
Farm Fresh Seafood

Farmed Fish

Aquaculture continues to play a larger and larger role in the seafood industry.
Fresh Scallops


Fog River has an extensive range of Hardshell Clams, Mussels, Oysters and Scallops.
Farm Shrimp


Farmed shrimp are grown in ponds under closely monitored conditions.
Exotic & Specialty Seafood

Exotics & Specialty Fish

Some of the specialty products available include Corvina, Drum, Barramundi, Escolar, Flounder, etc…